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Stasia Morineaux...Writer, Creator, Ethereal Dreamer...


Where Decadence mingles with Imagination. Fantasy Interweaves with Whimsy,

Romance Melds with Mystery and Myth!


Stasia is an indie author of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, chick lit, and paranormal romance...and Mash-Ups!

A place of Light-Hearted Darkness and Romantic Dramedy!

           It's Here!
  No Time to Cry

This is Stasia's debut novel. See more about

No Time to Cry on the Books page, there you will find a synopsis, sample chapters and character bios!


The reviews are rolling in and it's SO exciting!

I have an amazing review on Amazon from the wonderful

Sarah M. Cradit,

Author of The House of Crimson and Clover series.

New Orleans was a huge success!!

I was invited to unveil my debut novel at the UndeadCon in New Orleans this past Halloween! Come see the details at the News & Events page!

  Fun Stuff!

Stop by the Gallery 'O Fun!

Here you'll find the music I like to write by, music videos, pages I like, things I'm interested in, etc...


The video for my novel is up!

Come see it!

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